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Savor Saturdays – Wine Tasting 6/18

We will be tasting the following wines on June 18th and are offering a 10% savings. The tasting will be from 1 to 4 p.m.

I Greco Bianco has an excellent acidity and a fresh, clean, grapey flavor profile. $16.99

I Greco Rosa has an Intense nose with aromas of rose and strawberry, fresh, soft with a strong flavor. It stands out for its elegant and pleasing smoothness supported by good acidity. $12.99

I Greco Rosso has a red fruit character and is layered with a floral, salty and spicy quality. $16.99

Scubla Pinot Bianco has a straw-yellow colour. Its bouquet is full with nuances of flowers, fruits and a strong fragrance of bread crust and golden apple. After a long refinement, almonds are also noticeable. Best served with: Light hors d’oeuvres, first courses and soups, fish dishes. $23.50

Scubla Ribolla and Malvasia Lo Speziale Bianco is a white blend from Scubla and is Made with 45% Malvasia, 45% Ribolla and 10% Friulano and is texturally lush and impressive. Fresh grass, mineral and tang provide considerable interest in this lifted wine that is made for seafood and sushi. $21.99

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